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Shannon Bunch was born January 1974 in Barbourville, KY; the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains & the Cumberland Gap. This location is important to understand the musical background of one of today’s most loved soloists & pianists in gospel music. Eastern Kentucky is home to so many national music icons whose genres spread from bluegrass to gospel to country and several points in between.

Growing up Shannon recalls, “Sunday church services echoed the sounds of mountain folks that knew very little about proper music & singing technique but had a love for God, country and family that made the other fade into the background. They knew what mattered most.”

Shannon is a life-long resident in gospel music starting vocally at the age of three to playing the piano at the age of four & ultimately realizing a full-time career in the music industry in 1996. His music abilities, compositions, humor & delivery are mountain flavored, progressively spiced and laced with modern & contemporary worship. Shannon says, “I’m not sure if all this makes a total package but it sure is a good start to one!”

Shannon is married to Melissa Hay-Bunch of Dallas, TX since 2005 and they have one child, Emme Blu who was born in January 2009.

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