Emme Receives a Visitor…

The Tooth Fairy came while she was in the O.R.  Anesthesia team felt one tooth was too loose and could be risky. And it even came back to her room with $3.  By the way she’s doing great!  I’m a room resting for the past couple hours. We’ll be home later this evening. 


Emme Blu Surgery

After approximatley 15 episodes of strep throat in the past 18 months we are preparing for a removal of her tonsils and adenoids tomorrow. She, as we are, are looking forward to days of not having to take antibiotics and other medications every few weeks. The last time she was diagnosed which was only 3 weeks ago she told me and Melissa she wanted to have a normal life. Now if you want to hear something that rips your heart out that was it. Even as recent as yesterday I had to take her to her primary becuase her lymphnodes were swollen. While we await culture results she is on antiobiotics as a proactive measure. But we were given the “all clear” to proceed. Your prayers are appreicted.

Updates will be given via my Facebook, Twitter and www.shannonbunch.com

I promise to write more later. It’s a busy life!

Our Summer Has Ended

While some people are still in the summer mode ours is coming to a close.  Melissa has already went back to school. Students start August 1.  She has already counted the days until Labor Day weekend.  I suppose everyone works toward time off but at the same time, time passes fast enough.

Emme begins kindergarten this year.  This is a bit surreal.  But I feel that we have no regrets wishing we had done this or that with her.  Emme gets to go and do more than about kid I know.  By the time she was 6 months old she had traveled through 13 states and taken a commercial flight.  She has her own Southwest account and last year had accumulated enough points for a free flight!  I hope one day she looks back on all these adventures with appreciation.  For example, just this summer she has had a week of swim lessons, been to Hershey, PA to tour the world famous Hershey Factory, Hershey Amusement Park, had a daddy/daughter trip while I was in Afton, TN, traveled to SC, spent a week at the beach in Gulf Shores, AL,  a two day trip to Navarre, FL and to close it out KY to spend time with my family before school starts.  (I actually had to look at my calendar to cover all this info.)  And now she wants to go to Disney World, specifically Animal Kingdom.  If anyone has a “hook up” for tickets call me.

On a summer tangent, we have had no summer in regards to weather.  A few days of 90+ temperatures and high humidity but most days in the 80’s.  Over the past several days low’s have been in the 50’s.  Unbelievable!  Some areas set new records.  Part of me wants to complain part of me doesn’t.  Let me explain.  Last year a lot of the country didn’t have much of a summer and you see what kind of winter the majority of the states experienced.  It was a long winter without the ability to hibernate.  If this happens again I may move to the Hawaii.  But then I have to fear volcanoes and tsunamis.  Maybe I’ll hang in TN…

In closing, my family and I appreciate your on-going support in all aspects, especially prayer and encouraging words.  These keep us going.  And going we are.  It’s going to busy last half of the year.  Check out my schedule to see if I’m coming to your area.


~Shannon, Melissa and Emme Blu

Health Update

This will be brief. I am 10 days post-op and doing pretty good. The new generator was placed on the left side upper pectoral muscle, the same as the old one. This causes very limited movement. But I’ve regained most of the movement in my left arm. However, the range of motion is nowhere near 100%. I’m still under “lifting restrictions” for the next several weeks. No more than 15 lbs. Actually I don’t like lifting anything heavier than that anyway…LOL! That’s it for now.

Surgery Scheduled for Tuesday, July 1

As you know I have dystonia. Five years ago I had surgery to implant a Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS). I have my own programmer for this and last week was needing to make some adjustments when I received the warning the battery was low and I needed to contact my neurologist. Yesterday’s visit confirmed low levels and the doctor has wasted no time. At this point battery levels will dip at a faster rate than before and it’s time to replace it. So on Tuesday morning I’ll have a 2 hour out-patient surgery here in Nashville. I should be home early afternoon. Prayers for pain tolerance is appreciated. Melissa says I have none! But my response is “that’s what the medication is for”. My schedule for singing will not be affected. As they say “the show must go on”!

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Through It All Available NOW

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New Album to be Released Late March

It has been over 6 years since I last recorded a vocal album. To say that I’m excited is an understatement. Why has it taken so long? I’ve been asked that question for 5 years? It is a great financial responsbility to record and do it right. While there have been many times over these years it looked like finances would permit within days those dollars would be gone. There are always those unexpeccted bills that appear at the most difficult times. Home repairs, medical expenses, etc. And just in car repair/maintenance has costed us about $3,000 just in the past year. Another $500 will be spent before taking off to Texas. We still have the Ford Flex (and still a great car). It just rolled 140,000 miles this month.

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