Melissa & Shannon Celebrate the Lives of Their Grandmothers

Within the past 2 months Melissa & I have both lost our paternal grandmothers.  A generation has come to an end in our family. Melissa’s grandmother passed on March 7th at the age of 89. My last grandparent, Mamaw Mable, was laid to rest yesterday after 91 years of life.

Many fond memories I’ll hold in my heart one of which I will share. Mamaw Mable kept a bowl of #Reese cups on the TV stand. Emme got to partake MANY times. I told Emme I was bringing Mamaw a Reese cup to place in the casket and ask if she would write a note. Within the note was a very moving surprise when she named Melissa’s grandmother, Nanny (or as Emme spelled it Nanee) in the note. Needless to say my heart was overwhelmed. On my flight to KY I was looking out the window from about 35,000ft & realized Mamaw had never been on a plane but had already taken a flight much higher than I ever had. Here’s a picture of Emme just after her surgery, current and the note and Melissa’s grandmother on the right.

IMG_2601 DSC00538 Banjo Hay (Melissa's Nanny)IMG_1846