Big News from a Big State

As of Thursday, July 30th the Bunches stayed at their “5141” residence in Antioch TN as a family for the last time.  We have moved to TEXAS!  The following will give you an idea of how fast this came about.  Melissa had applied for teaching/coaching positions in Texas for a few years now.  Then on a Wednesday night mid July she received word there was a job and volleyball coaching position available in the Crandall Independent School District (ISD).  She submitted application and resume that night and received a call the next morning at 7:20.  By 12:40 the same day she had the job.  We then had 2 weeks to finish the new flooring and stairs she and I had started several months ago, get most of the house packed, put the house up for sale, and have her and Emme in Texas by July 30.  The word “whirlwind” is most descriptive for that time.  Our house sold in about 18 hours and above asking price.  That was a blessing!  
I made the trip to Dallas with them then flew to Austin to sing 2 dates but returned to TN to finish my bookings which were all at that time within a 4 hour driving radius of Nashville, finish the packing and close on the sale of the house. 
For the past few years I’ve realized how important it meant for her to be back home close to family which she’s been away from for about 20 years.  I saw my family more often with them living in Kentucky.  But 99% of the time it has been just the 3 of us.  Although at times that was a difficult task, I would not trade what we learned because of it. We have a family which lived about 30 minutes from us in Mt. Juliet TN, the Flueallens, which gave us much needed breaks from time to time and cared for Emme.  Sometimes even after spending 2 nights in a row Emme did not want to leave.  They bought her toys very often and we tend to believe catered to her.  She was definitely spoiled by them.  But their love for her and us will never be forgotten.  Living in Nashville has been awesome!  While our circle of friends were few we were blessed!  To Bill, Cynthia, Mendy, Linda, Jeremy, Sarah, Daniel and Melissa we will miss you but you now have a new vacation spot!  But God confirmed little by little it was time to move on.  
5141 was the 2nd home Melissa and I bought in middle TN and that was 8 years ago this month.  The house was a blank slate but with our obsessive compulsive tendencies we quickly made it our style.  We aren’t afraid of color.  And we’re not afraid of hard work nor arguing about “how” it should be done.  One peering through our windows would either call the cops or fall out laughing.  You have to keep in mind I’m not mechanically inclined and have to be told sometimes several times the what and how something should be done.  And I often had to ask why.  My why questions don’t often change the methods of the task but I have to overthink everything.  But these intense moments of fellowship are what finally got the job done!  I know this is a bit of a tangent but wanted to give you the inside story…literally.  Now the outside story…well…that would entail the landscaping and general lawn care.  Melissa says I micro-managed that, too.   Maybe just a wee bit.  
5141 was the home Emme was brought to from the hospital as a baby. It was at 5141 she had her first birthday party and lifted her personal cake to her mouth and covered all of her face with it!  And it was that night she took her first steps.  It was here between the 3 of us we recovered from more than our fair share of surgeries.  Geez!  Head, brain, shoulder, tonsils, gall bladder, toes…and I’ve probably forgot one of two.  That’s because I had the brain surgery!  We’ve had enough X-rays and CT scans and MRI’s to last us a lifetime.  
We are currently living in the town of Forney which is east of Dallas.  We can see the skyline from our neighborhood and for now that’s close enough to the big city!  My adjustments to increased traffic takes time.  Coming from slow paced eastern Kentucky to Nashville also took me time to not panic.  But if you have never been to Dallas, Nashville pales in comparison.  Just my opinion. 
Where Melissa teaches and Emme goes to school (Crandall) is about 30 minutes from here.  City population there is about 3,000.  We have definitely been brought to a more rural area.  Being in a small school district has more pros than cons.  There is a great sense of community where schools and churches are still integrated.  For example, at a teachers’ lunch back in August the Director of Schools for Kaufmann County was asked to say the blessing over the food.  He told those gathered if the prayer was offensive to them it was best not to listen!  You’ve heard the saying “Don’t mess with Texas”?  It’s probably best that you don’t.  
We are leasing a home for a year or so until we find the area and home that will serve us best.  There are so many things I could share but don’t have the time to do so.  If any of you have ever moved whether across town, to another city or another state you understand what we have experienced. That well sums up many of my closing thoughts. Your thoughts and prayers as we continue to transition is appreciated. 
The BUNCH Stops Here
I will continue to do what I’ve done for almost 20 years.  Location does not change. 
Logistics are different now for some areas than they used to be.  I have been flying to many dates over the past 15+ years.  Some places I used to fly to I’ll now drive and vice versa.  I ask those with whom I have scheduled dates more than 5+ hours outside of the Dallas area to hang with me for a few more weeks.  I will be in contact soon.  For those with whom I have not scheduled yet I ask for your considerations and understanding regarding travel as we move forward into 2016. 
Below are remaining dates booked for 2015.  
*Dates which need to be booked are listed below the schedule.  
10/25: Williamsburg, KY; Wofford Baptist; 1845 Hwy 26
@ 11am
Info: Info: (606) 549-1472,  
11/1: Kingston, TN: Victory Baptist; 2117 Kingston Hwy
Info:  (865) 376-6906, (865) 255-7353,  
11/8: Mena, AR: Faith Missionary Baptist; 2407 Sutherland Ave
@ 10:55am
11/15: Central City, KY: Green River Chapel; 1009 River Rd
@ 6pm
Info: (270) 543-9275, (270) 754-3716,  
10/18 PM- for the greater Cleveland-Akron-CantonOH region. 
10/25 PM- 100 (+-) miles of Williamsburg KY
11/1 AM- 125 (+-) miles of Kingston TN
11/15 AM- 100 (+-) miles of Central City KY
12/6- anywhere AM & PM
12/13- anywhere AM & PM
2016 dates are already booking.  Please call 888-699-4922 for more information on availability.