Possible Surgery for Emme


Emme has just graduated from kindergarten and we are so thrilled she has done so well.  FYI: she’s already reading on a 2nd grade level.  She gets those smarts from momma!  Moving on…

It appears we are going down the road to yet another surgery.  This is one we hoped we wouldn’t encounter but knew it was a 20%-30% chance we would.  Here’s where we are.  As many of you will recall Emme had a craniofacial reconstruction when she was 5 months old.  You can read the details here on the website under the “shannon” tab.  Now she is 6 years old and has been complaining with some tenderness to a couple areas of her head.  According to her surgeon at Vanderbilt Children’s one of these lumps/bumps is a piece of metal wire that did not absorb back into the bone and is now protruding into the scalp.  The doctor is also concerned the “soft spot” that was created, which was the whole reason for the initial surgery, may not have completely closed.  An upcoming CT scan will be performed to make a final determination on where we go from here.

It seems she has been through enough with the first surgery, two toes surgery, almost 2 years of reoccurring strep, tonsils and adenoid surgery, but she is a resilient little girl!  I’ll keep you updated as decisions are made.